'Teen Mom' Leah Calvert Introduces Baby Adalynn to the World

Leah Messer CalvertLeah Messer Calvert has been so mysterious about her baby's birth, we were starting to get worried. But she's finally come out with the story of baby Adalynn! The Teen Mom 2 star and her daughter got the star treatment from US Weekly with photos of the baby girl and the whole nine.

The money Leah and husband Jeremy Calvert are sure to have gotten for the magazine spread explains why everything's been so hush hush. But what was it they were hiding anyway?


Turns out baby Adalynn was born premature! Leah's water broke a full five weeks early, sending her rushing to the hospital to deliver her baby, at which point the radio silence started.

Leah's little girl is home now, not to mention insanely adorable (which we could have guessed -- have you looked at her parents?).

But if you didn't think the Teen Mom had her hands full before with twin girls, including one with a variety of health issues, good grief ...

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Technically at five weeks early, little Adalynn is a "late preterm" baby, which is just a fancy way of saying she was early but not too early. Typically babies at this stage look more like full-term newborns. The risky stuff is typically on the inside. They run a higher chance than full-term babies of having under-developed lungs, and they're at a higher risk of being hypoglycemic and having trouble regulating temperature.

Late preterm kids also tend to present more of a challenge when it comes to feeding, which means Leah could be spending a lot of time trying to make sure her new daughter is gaining enough weight. Even if she's breastfeeding, she may have to pump AND breastfeed to keep up filling that little girl's tummy.


I can't imagine handling twins, period. Then you add in a preemie? No wonder this girl doesn't have time to jump on Twitter with her co-stars and gab about every minute detail of her life! She's got bigger fish to fry.

Here's hoping everything turns out OK for the family!

Did you have a late preterm baby? Any tips for Leah?


Image via MTV

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