Not 1 But 3 New ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3 Trailers Full of War, Torture & Dragons (VIDEOS)

Game of Thrones season 3OMG, less than two weeks away from the March 31 premiere of Game of Thrones season 3! We've been geeking about it for so long, it's felt like the day might never come. So of course HBO has been releasing a whole bunch of new stuff to give fans a small and spoiler-free preview of what we're about to see. Can't give too much away in such an action-packed season.

But the trailers for this show have been almost as amazing and exciting as the ones for the most highly anticipated movies. It'll be quite the experience catching up with all our favorite characters and watching the hell that they're about to go through (come on, nothing the characters go through in Game of Thrones is ever a cake-walk). After releasing a new 90-second trailer, shorter ones called "War" and "The Beast" also became available on YouTube. Pretty appropriate titles for GoT vidoes, don't you think?


Here is the longer trailer:

Now "The Beast":

And finally "War":

So much torture, sex, violence, war, political intrigue, and dragons -- what's not to like about this show? And you can tell how much the show has expanded in terms of scope and scenery than the last two seasons. The premiere is just a few days away and hopefully teasers like these will see us through.

Any thoughts on the newest trailers? Are you excited for the premiere?


Image via GameofThrones/YouTube

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