‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Auditioning for ‘The Voice’? We Sure Hope Not

maci bookoutTeen Mom Maci Bookout is one multi-talented mama. She's proficient at switching up her hair, she loves getting tattoos, she's great at taking care of her cute son Bentley, and just last week, we discovered that Maci can also sing. After her boyfriend posted a video that featured Maci and her mom belting out a Dixie Chicks tune at karaoke, fans everywhere wondered if we'd be seeing more of Maci and a mic in the near future.

In fact, some even wondered if she had plans to audition for NBC's singing competition, The Voice, which is slated to return to TV next week.


So, does she have dreams of pop stardom? According to her Twitter, eh, not so much.

After last week's karaoke session with my mum, let's just say i wont be on 'The Voice' anytime soon lol.

There goes my hope for a Maci Bookout duet with Blake Shelton.

I guess it's for the better, though. Mace sounds like someone who's confident enough to know the difference between her strengths and weaknesses and has made a choice to keep her karaoking a fun hobby and not try to turn it into a career, no matter how much encouragement she's gotten from her fans.

Maci's always had her head on pretty straight, so I'm sure she'll land on her feet no matter what she does. Glad to hear she's not pulling a delusional Heidi Montag here, or a Farrah Abraham, and releasing a single. Clearly, Maci knows herself too well to be lured into a less than ideal endeavour.

Do you think Maci should pursue a singing career?

"There's your trouble"� @bookbe @macibookoutmtv

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