‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Plants Her Own Wedding Rumors

maci bookoutIs Teen Mom's Maci Bookout engaged? It sure looks like she wants us to think she is. Over the weekend Maci tweeted a few wedding hints. "I think I found 'the one!'" she said. "Now checking out these TV wedding gowns-sp." She linked to a slideshow of wedding dresses featured on TV shows. And then she tweeted, "I know the 7 people i won't invite to me wedding. Do you? -sp." And there's another link to a slideshow ... on the same website.

What's going on? Maci's been dating Taylor McKinney for just a few months, and it's a long-distance relationship. They can't really be getting engaged already! And what's this "-sp" business in her tweets. Is she -- OMG, no, not that ...


She's doing sponsored tweets! That's what "-sp" means. I don't think she even wrote them herself. I think her "client" (or whatever) wrote them for her and she's just sending them out there. Ugh. I feel so used now.

And what's worse, now that Maci has gone and planted HER OWN FALSE ENGAGEMENT RUMORS, she gets extra publicity, and here I am writing about it like a dummy. Ugh, brilliant, but also gross. I didn't realize Maci could be this cheesy. Is that a thing now? Celebs doing sponsored tweets?

Whatever. Long story short, Maci is most likely not engaged to Taylor, she's engaged to her sponsors. The same day she tweeted her advertisements, she also tweeted, "i cannot stand when 'fans' treat me like an object rather than a human. that's the first way to piss me off." But if you're tweeting sponsored robo-posts, that does kind of make you seem a little less human. Just saying. Not a great credibility move, and not a great way to earn respect as a public figure.

How do you feel about celeb-sponsored tweets?


Image via MTV

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