Kendall Jenner's Risky Tweets Are Worrying to Say the Least

Kendall JennerOh, Kendall Jenner. Little girl, you are in trouble! The reality star seems a little hungry for attention lately -- and like most girls her age, she expresses every last thought on Twitter.

Now it could potentially be a good thing that Kendall keeps in touch with her fans frequently over social media, but what about when her tweets get a tad bit inappropriate? And we remember: she's only 17 years old!

If Bruce Jenner found out that she was acting this way, he'd flip.


Kendall recently tweeted:

I want a little dik dik #googleit

Um, okay -- so I actually took her advice and googled what a "dik dik" was, and it turns out, it's a small antelope. Well played, Kendall, well played. But I just can't seem to believe that this is a coincidence. I think she knows exactly what she's doing here. Don't believe this was a cry for attention? Well moments later on the same day, Kendall also tweeted that she needs "love and affection."

And let's not forget about the Keek video she posted entitled "We're Sexual" -- which basically consists of Kendall making weird faces into the camera. She might as well wave around a red flag that says "LOOK AT ME!"

Look, I know this stuff is probably innocent, but Kendall is walking a fine line here. She seems the most reserved compared to the rest of her family and I think she should stay that way. No matter what she does, she's always going to be compared to her sisters. I just think the cries for attention are a little overboard. I mean, we all know what happened to Kim Kardashian just a few years ago when she was desperate to be noticed.

Do you think Kendall's tweets are innocent or a little too much?

Image via Kendall Jenner/Twitter

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