Sean Lowe's First 'DWTS' Performance Shows He Knows How to Thrust His Hips After All (VIDEO)

Sean Lowe DWTS

I guess I'd better go ahead and admit it. Before the premiere of Dancing With the Stars season 16 last night, if you'd asked me how I thought Bachelor Sean Lowe would fare, I probably would've laughed out loud or made a pouty face. Because based on his subdued nature on The Bachelorette and his season of The Bachelor, I figured he'd probably have a tough time shaking or moving anything on the dance floor.

Ok, so that's the polite way of putting it. Let's get real -- the fact that Sean refused to get freaky on his fantasy suite dates made me wonder if he had any sort of moves at all.

But as it turns out, Mr. Lowe is actually pretty smooth.


Take a look at his Foxtrot performance with Peta Murgatroyd -- I promise it's better than you're expecting. (And if you wind up with "The Power of Love" stuck in your head, you're not alone. I've been humming it all morning.)


Not too shabby, right? Just like the photo says, his pelvic thrust really ain't bad for a "dance virgin" -- or any sort of virgin, for that matter. (Yes, I know that a born again virgin isn't really a virgin at all. But it does mean he hasn't been "doing it" lately, so just play along, ok?)

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You know what they say, right? If a guy can dance, then he probably has at least semi-decent bedroom skills. And if he has absolutely zero rhythm and can't move to save his life? Run honey, R-U-N.

But lucky for Catherine Giudici, her man does appear to know how to get his groove on -- even if there's nothing much going on between the sheets just yet. At least by watching him compete on DWTS this season, she'll get a preview of what she has to look forward to on their wedding night.

(Let's just hope his muscles aren't too sore from all that dancing.)

What did you think of Sean's first DWTS performance?


Image via ABC

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