'Bachelor Pad' Canceled & Now We Have Nothing to Look Forward to This Summer

Bachelor Pad cast

In what has to be one of the most disappointing pieces of TV news any of us have heard in a long time, Bachelor Pad has been canceled for summer 2013. I repeat -- Bachelor Pad has been CANCELED. (Go ahead and swear a little bit if you want to. I sure did.)

When a fan on Twitter asked Mike Fleiss when the new season of Bachelor Pad would be airing, he replied, "Not happening this summer ..."

And supposedly ABC has confirmed that the show has been axed, leaving Bachelor junkies like me wondering exactly where in the hell we're supposed to get our dose of ridiculous reality TV bullsh*% this summer.


Seriously, people -- this is SO not cool.

OMG. What in the world possessed ABC to pull the plug on this gem of a show? Ok, so I know Bachelor Pad is a bit on the sleazy side, but that's what makes it so entertaining, right? I mean, what other show delivers not only drama, backstabbing, ugly crying, drunken hot tub hookups, plus Chris Harrison's cheesy lines all in one delicious one-hour package? Bachelor Pad is pretty much the definition of reality TV gold -- and now it's gone.

I'm sorry, I just can't seem to get over this. Um, what exactly are we supposed to do with our summer Monday nights from here on out? Read a book? Enjoy quality time with our husbands? Sit out on the deck and sip a glass of wine while gazing up at the stars? Take a hot bath?

Yeah, all of those things are fine on any other given night of the week -- but Monday night is trash TV night, a.k.a. Bachelor Pad night. Or at least it was Bachelor Pad night 'til ABC had to go ahead and be the biggest party pooper ever. (Gah.)

Man. Nothing quite says "major buzz kill" like taking away the best guilty pleasure that ever graced our TV screens. (Sniff. Sniff.)

Are you disappointed to hear that Bachelor Pad won't be on this summer?


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