'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka Gives Sean Lowe Relationship Advice & We Can't Stop Laughing

Sean Lowe DWTSSo... last time I checked, former Bachelor Jake Pavelka was still a jerk. Is that not still the case anymore? Did hell freeze over or something? Because I'm pretty sure he's still most famous for publicly humiliating his ex-fiance on live television. Oh, and I think he also became a stripper. Awesome.

Well, now he's come out of the woodwork to give Sean Lowe some relationship advice before he competes on this upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars. Because, you know -- Jake was also a recently engaged Bachelor star when he competed on the dance floor just a few years ago -- and we all know how great that turned out.


Jake said:

You have to have a high level of communication with what you’re doing on the dance floor because she’s going to see everything. No matter how secure a woman is, when she sees her man dancing the way he’s going to with another woman, it would make anyone crazy.

I'm sure it will be hard for Sean's fiance, Catherine Guidici to watch Sean dance intimately with another woman. And I'm sure it's only a matter of time before rumors start swirling that Sean's having an affair with his dance partner, Peta Murgatroyd. But, you see, I'm not too worried about these two -- because Sean isn't like Jake. And if I know Sean like I think I do (and that's pretty damn well), I'm sure all of this crossed his mind before even deciding to sign onto a show like Dancing With The Stars. He doesn't need to be reminded to make his lady feel comfortable. He's Sean Lowe for crying out loud. He's one half of the most realistic Bachelor couples to date! Clearly, he's doing something right.

So while I'm sure that Jake was simply trying to stay relevant by giving Sean some advice, it only shows us how much better of a guy Sean is. So thanks, but no thanks, Jake. Sean's got this covered. And we can't WAIT to see our favorite Bachelor hunk hit the dance floor tonight ... hopefully with Catherine cheering from the sidelines.

Sean & Catherine FOREVER.

Are you surprised by Jake's advice?

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