'Downton Abbey' Dan Steven's New Look Kills Off Our Beloved Matthew for Good (PHOTO)

dan stevensWe're finally accepting it: Downton Abbey's dashing perfect man Matthew Crawley is dead. And as if that last scene in the season finale isn't proof enough for you (oh hello, river of blood trickling from Matthew's head), here's more proof. Actor Dan Stevens just got a darker, "edgy" makeover.

Goodbye swooping golden locks and Brylcreem. Hello super-short, dark punk hairdo and hipster stubble. And is it me, or did Stevens get hipster skinny, too? Oh my God. Pixie haircut, major weight loss: Dan's gone Anne Hathaway on us.


Right? Come on, the resemblance is uncanny. Dan has reinvented himself because he wants us all to know he can be so much more than Downton's golden boy. He can play a Batman villain, or a terminally ill guy who gives love one more chance, or a recovering drug addict who ruins his sister's wedding, or even a dying Parisian whore. Why not? Dan is just getting started.

Dan's no dummy. He sees what a good pixie and a waifish physique has done for Anne's career and by gum, he's willing to give it a go, too. I mean, look at Matthew McConaghey! Putting on a shirt and going skeletal for a role. (Thank goodness he's back to buff.) Just don't get too skinny, okay Dan? Oh I'm kidding -- he's not really pulling an Anne Hathaway. He's just doing his own thing.

I have to admit -- I think I like this look better than the Matthew Crawley look! It's pretty darn hot. Dan's Downton look was a little stuffy and old-fashioned -- in a good way, of course, but also in a limiting way. And while I don't think he needed to lose any weight, this leaner look suits him. Hope we see more of the "new" Stevens.


What do you think of Dan Steven's new look?


Image via Splash News

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