'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Doesn’t Parent Her Son, But That’s Not MTV’s Problem!

Jenelle EvansOh for the love of Mike! Did you hear the latest complaint about Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2? The folks over at The Clicker are shocked, shocked I tell you, that the storylines rarely have anything to do with Jenelle Evans being a mother.

In a story dubbed "Has Teen Mom Lost Its Original Message," the Today Show off-shoot criticizes the MTV reality show for trying to fit Jenelle's son Jace into the action. We're supposed to take this as proof that Jenelle and her co-stars are anything but the reality of teen parenting and join the chant to get Jenelle off the air, quick, quick!

Pardon me while I roll my eyes.


Do they even GET the show?

Yes, the Jenelle Evans we see on MTV is a crappy mother. We've seen her prioritize smoking weed, hanging out with her loser boyfriend, and even getting her boobs done over spending time with her own son. It's painful knowing that she's laughing all the way to the bank with those MTV checks for being on a show about teen motherhood ... when she doesn't do much mothering.

But I'm not sure what the folks at The Clicker -- or anyone of the people who insist Jenelle should be kicked off the show -- would prefer? First America gets pissed off that the show "glamorizes teen pregnancy." Now they're mad that they show a teen parent who actually sucks at teen parenting?

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They do realize that the likes of Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska, who actually seem to really enjoy spending quality time with their kids, are only half the story, right?

We never see Jenelle with Jace or Jenelle being a "real mom" because her mother has custody of him. Just like the grandparents of 6 percent of the kids in America. Every day in this nation crappy parents lose custody of their kids, and grandmas and grandpas step in to care for them!

Love Jenelle Evans or hate her (and let's face it, plenty of America does that!), she's as real as her co-stars. Without her and her mom doing the "mothering" of her child, Teen Mom 2 would only tell half the story of teen pregnancy in America.

Fact: Jenelle Evans isn't destroying America by setting a bad example. America is already full of bad examples. They're off partying while Granny takes care of the kids.

Do you think Jenelle Evans needs to be taken off Teen Mom or is she just part of the story?


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