'Girls': Is It Good to Be Back In Your Sweaty Ex's Arms?

girls adamWe've all googled something we wish we didn't, right? Particularly when it comes to health things. It feeds the hypochondriac in us and just seemed to make Hannah on Girls continue to unravel and her OCD seems to be getting worse despite the fact she is on medication. (Or is she?)

During the episode "Together" which was the Season 2 finale, Hannah was reaching out for help. She called her dad. He told her he wasn't going to be manipulated by her. She called Jessa -- no answer. She hid from Marnie. And then she called Adam. Her ex. And her shirtless knight in shiny skin from being all sweaty after violently hitting things in his apartment with a piece of wood went running across NYC to be with her.


It was terribly romantic of Adam, who we know still loves Hannah. He still calls her "kid"! That's adorable. That's love! He's been trying to go through the motions of making it work with his new lady Natalia, but I could tell it wasn't going to last. The sex was hot at first, but started to border on gross.

In the midst of busting up his apartment, Adam saw Hannah on his phone. It was an accidental Facetime so he got to see her awful haircut and her twitching and we realize she told him all about her OCD when she was younger. And it made me realize how much she loved him (and still does). She did reveal a lot to him -- their relationship was more than just some weird sex. He ended up running out of his apartment, no shirt on, keeping her on the phone the entire time until he reached her door. What a guy!

He even had to kick the door in because Hannah wouldn't get out of bed. She was scared, she said. She was in a bad place -- she really seems mentally unstable. Adam seems to really understand her. She needs him. He needs her! He rushed in, picks her up out of bed, and they kiss. The epic music was playing and it was perfect. The perfect ending.

But we all know that a man isn't going to make her well. No man can. No one can. She needs to work on this herself. But she's way too vulnerable and needs to feel that love -- she needs someone to lean on, someone to hold her and tell her it's going to be okay. Because for a lot of girls her age trying to make things happen in their lives it's such a time of uncertainly, self-doubt, fear, and you are often your own worst enemy. Sometimes you need the help of someone you love and trust to help you help yourself.

Lena Dunham plays Hannah so well and as a viewer I feel genuinely worried about her. I even got a little teary eyed. Last week's Q-tip scene was very upsetting. It's not that I want Adam to save her, but she needs someone so she can save herself. At least we ended this season knowing she wasn't going to hurt herself because he was there.

Plus, I'm quite happy Marnie and Charlie are back together.

Until season 3 ....

What did you think of the season finale of Girls?


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