'Kourtney & Kim Take Miami' Recap: Sisters' Sexy Secret Use for Pineapple Juice Will Shock You!

Khloe KardashianI'll say this for the Kardashian sisters; they're always willing to step up for each other. Maybe a little too willing. Tonight on Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, Khloe was put in a tough spot by Kim and Kourtney. And God love her, girlfriend took one for the team.

It was the UK intro of the Kardashian Kollection, and Kourtney and Kim were doing the heavy lifting in London while Khloe started her new job as an X Factor host. Of course the girls all stayed in touch, and brash Khloe had no problem sharing via phone that she's been drinking plenty of pineapple juice because it's good for the lady parts.


Hey, I didn't say it. Khloe did.

And Kim and Kourtney, who were in high competition mode, took her words to heart. The sisters decided they were going to suck down as much of the sweet nectar as they could to make sure they'd grab the title of freshest Kardashian vagina.

Naturally there's only one way they could determine if it worked ... by waiting until Khloe snagged 24 hours out of her busy hosting schedule to travel to London, then wipe down their lady parts with a towel and make baby sis smell them.

And she DID!

Oh, Khloe, Khloe, Khloe! You could have said no! Really ... you did NOT have to take a whiff! 

But she did.

In case you're wondering who won, let's just say Kanye is a very lucky man. Retch.

With how, ahem, close these girls can be is it any wonder Scott Disick decided to skip the London trip to get some guy time? After having to listen to Khloe discuss the ben wa balls that were in her vagina (and after Kourtney actually went into the bathroom to help her sister remove one), Scott was fully within his rights to say "uh uh, no way am I going to spend more time with you ladies."

But in a complete surprise, he realized he missed his family so much that he flew to London after just one man bash. Aww! At least something doesn't stink in this family.

Ba dum bum.

Do you think Kim and Kourtney's competition got a little out of control?


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