Maci Bookout Is Singing Country Music & We Wanna See More! (VIDEO)

Maci bookout and her mom This may be a bit of a stretch, but I think it's safe to say that Maci Bookout is my favorite Teen Mom. OK there, I said it. She's just so good with Bentley, always taking him on adorable mother-son outings, seems to have her act together, and while she can be a bit boy crazy, she always manages to keep things controlled with a level-head.

Every good momma needs to blow off some steam every once in a while. Maci went out with her mom the other night, and the duo had a little bit of fun singing karaoke. Taking on "There's Your Trouble" by the Dixie Chicks, the mother-daughter couple look like they're having a blast! Could Maci singing karaoke mean she has a future as a singer? OK, so we'll need to hear more than her soft voice on this track but hey, if all these Real Housewives can do it -- then who knows!?

Check out Maci and her mom's country duet, here:


Mar 14, 2013 | "There's your trouble"� @bookbe @macibookoutmtv by tmon3yy on

Clearly Maci's mom is the one stealing the spotlight here, her boisterous voice is much more dominant than her daughter's. Maybe she's the one with stars in her eyes, eh? OK, with the jokes aside, Maci seems totally comfortable on the stage, happy in the moment, and I wouldn't be surprised if we see more videos of her tackling the microphone soon.

I just have to note how cute it is that Maci's boyfriend Taylor is the one who posted the video in the first place. Lead singer or not, he's clearly a huge fan of everything Maci does. 

How adorable are Maci and her mom? Could you ever see Maci singing in the future?

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