Michaele Salahi Wedding Neal Schon on TV Would Be the Best Revenge

Michaele Salahi and Neal SchonWoo hoo Housewives fans -- big wedding news. Former star of The Real Housewives of D.C., Michaele Salahi, is getting ready to marry Journey guitarist Neal Schon. Not only that, it may be televised!

If the name isn't ringing a bell, you may know her better as one of the White House Gate crashers. She and her loathsome ex-husband, Tareq Salahi, made (despicable) names for themselves back in 2009 for that stunt. Then she realized just how hideous he was and ran way with Schon. They've been happy ever since, getting engaged last year, and now they're going to make it happily ever after -- hopefully as all the world watches.


Details are sparse right now, but Schon told omg!Insider that several networks have approached them to air the ceremony: "We talk about it a lot and say while the offers are tempting, we think it's best to protect our love from reality TV."

No, no, it's not best! We want to see it; we must see it. More promisingly, he told the site it's "something we are sorting out now. How much to share if at all?" Share it all, puhleeeeez.

It's not that I'm not a particularly big fan of hers (though Journey still takes me back), but I'm thrilled about the possibility of it being televised because it's such a great big HA! in Tareq's face -- and he deserves it.

I'm not much for revenge usually, but when it comes to him, I say the more, the better. From the beginning he was out for publicity, and willing to do anything to get it. She had her own issues, but he was mean, conniving, and controlling, and I love that he's left in the dust while she's the one riding off into the well-publicized sunset.

He tried to sue the couple for $17 million for embarrassing him, which was just laughable since he's embarrassed himself more than anyone possibly could. As far as I know, that didn't go anywhere, but you can just imagine how much a big old public wedding would leave him seething. I would love to see the tantrum I bet he's throwing right now and can't wait to see what kind of crazy antics this news inspires from him.

Are you glad to see Salahi and Schon get married? How do you think Tareq will react?


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