'Bachelor' Winner Catherine Giudici Has the Perfect Workout to Get in Shape for Her Wedding

Catherine Giudici

To say that Bachelor winner Catherine Giudici has been thrust into the spotlight is a major understatement. The woman's dream proposal was aired on national TV with elephants roaming in the background, and now she and her fiance Sean Lowe are planning an ultimate televised wedding for the world to see.

Sure, all brides like to get in shape before their big day. Imagine that big day being on national TV, though, and oh JEEZ I can't even begin to ponder how I'd handle the pressure. Apparently Catherine's wedding day workout routine is already in full effect, and it's a workout you may not know anything about. Called the Bar Method, you've got to get the inside scoop on this major fat burning workout.


Based on the techniques of German dancer Lotte Berk, the Bar Method integrates the fat burning format of interval training, the principles of dance conditioning, the science of physical therapy, and muscle shaping techniques into one intense type of workout. A non-impact workout is generally one hour and is sort of similar to Pilates with aspects of yoga. The difference? The Bar Method uses the body's own weight to strengthen and sculpt major muscle groups. Well that, and it involves the use of a ballet bar.

According to Wetpaint, Catherine does Bar three times per week at her favorite studio in Seattle, and follows the DVDs when she's traveling. That is some hardcore dedication. Hey if it works, it works. Maybe I should look into installing a ballet bar in my bedroom.

Have you ever tried the Bar Method? How did you get in shape for your wedding?


Image via ABC

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