'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Says Marriage Isn't All Fun & Games (VIDEO)

bachelor sean lowe proposing to catherineFor a while there, Bachelor Sean Lowe couldn't reveal that it was Catherine Giudici whom he chose as his future wife. But that didn't stop him from opening up about what went into choosing her. Sitting down with his local Dallas-Fort Worth ABC affiliate, he explained what was going through his mind as he prepared to make his decision between Catherine and Lindsay Yenter. In other words, he shared what he considers makes a woman "wife material."

What he had to say may sound a bit old-fashioned, but it's also right on the money. Check it out ...


Aww! While new Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock's brother may have pegged Sean a "player," I'm not so sure ... It sounds like he was focused all along on finding the right woman to build a life with. Because what he's saying about how he made his decision makes perfect sense.

Even though we'd love for it to be, and even though we've been brainwashed by shows like The Bachelor and rom-coms to think it should be, getting married isn't just about being in love, having fun, even simply having off-the-charts sexual chemistry. It's a major commitment that on a grand scale means the merging of two families and the building of a new one. It means being prepared to do the daily grind and facing everyday challenges like finances and health highs and lows as a team. It can mean raising children together, as Sean notes. How do you want to raise your kids? Are your values, priorities, goals aligned?

Let's be real, though. Obviously, we're not always going to agree with everything our spouse believes or wants. My future husband is admittedly a bit less enthusiastic about getting a dog and practicing organized religion (even just on the big holidays) than I am. But when it boils down to it, we'll do what it takes to make one another happy and get on the same page, to find middle ground. We give and take. I'd attribute that to being mostly in sync values- and priorities-wise.

And if that's what Sean has found in Catherine, it seems like they're already set up for a not only happy and fun but seriously solid marriage!

How similar are your goals and values to your partner's? Did that factor into deciding whether to spend your life with them?


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