‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe’s Doing ‘DWTS’ but That Doesn’t Mean He’s Neglecting His Fiance

bachelor sean loweIt's official! Bachelor Sean Lowe is going to be on Dancing With the Stars season 16 and his partner is going to be Peta Murgatroyd. It's obviously been a busy few months for Sean, seeing as his show just wrapped last night and DWTS starts airing next week, and some fans are wondering if he's taking on too much at once. The dude just got engaged, after all, shouldn't he be spending time with his fiance whom he had to spend the last 10 weeks contractually avoiding?


The answer, of course, is pshaw. Hellllll no. If Sean turned down a job, and that's what DWTS is, a job, a paycheck, a purpose, to spend time with Catherine Giudici, I'd think he was insane.

Here's the thing. Ideally these two will be in the working world before and during their marriage, so they'll have to get used to not spending all day together at some point -- why does he need to take time off in order to have quality time with his fiance?

Most of us work at least 40 hours a week, some of us 80, and you don't see us turning down career opportunities so we can sit at home all day and hang with our spouses. We make time for each other after the working day, and on the weekends, and that's the norm. Why should Sean be the exception?

I don't think doing DWTS will negatively affect Sean and Catherine's relationship, but if it turns out having a demanding job such as this does get between the two of them, it's better they find that out now rather than later.

Plus, I don't see Catherine as the type to ask Sean to focus on their relationship 24/7. Everyone needs their own thing, their own life, their own hobbies -- being an individual only makes the team stronger.

I think it's a great idea that he's doing DWTS. Now, if only we could get Chris Harrison on the show. Something tells me that man has moves.

Do you think Sean should've turned down DWTS to hang out with Catherine?


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