Kenya Moore's 'Gone With the Wind Fabulous' Video Confirms She’s Gone Completely Crazy (VIDEO)

Kenya MooreEach week on this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we've watched Kenya Moore and her outrageous, jaw-dropping behavior in a slight state of disbelief. It's hard to know if she's really as crazy as she appears -- and as Phaedra Parks claims she is -- or if it's just an act.

She just launched a new music video titled, what else, but "Gone With the Wind Fabulous," and it's so insane that even if she's faking it for publicity, she has to be crazy to put out something this bizarre. It starts up with her and a drag queen who's supposed to be Porsha Stewart arguing, before she goes into her famous twirls and trademark line.

There's also someone (um, quite a someone) wearing the fish-net dress and thong outfit she dressed up in to mock Phaedra; of course, there's her playing Beyonce, because you know someone tells her she looks like her every single day. It's really too crazy for words, so you can watch it after the jump.


As bizarre as it is, it's actually pretty funny. The part in which her ex-pretend-boyfriend Walter is shown reading Douche Bag magazine is brilliant (and those shorts he wears at the end!), and the song is as annoyingly catchy as it is cray cray. It may actually be the best Housewives video I've ever seen.

If Kenya's only goal is to make a name for herself, then she's totally accomplished that and more. It's not a name that any sane person would want, but this is Kenya we're talking about, so I suppose congratulations are in order.

What do you think of Kenya's video?


Image via YouTube

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