‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ 4-Day Rehab Stay Was a Waste of Time

jenelle evansI'm so not surprised by this news, and you won't be, either. That font of wisdom and forbearance, Jenelle Evans, has already left rehab after four days. Four days, people, four days to kick her alleged heroin addiction. I think she spent more time recovering from her plastic surgery!

So this is obviously an excellent idea and we're totes happy for her. I wonder which Bad Idea Boyfriend she'll take up with first? Bachelor number one, ex Courtland Rogers, recently arrested for assault? Or bachelor number two, ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp? A source says Jenelle has reached out to Kieffer, so Court loses this round. But I still say Jenelle is the biggest loser.


Let's discuss. A source tells Radar Online that Jenelle was in rehab just to chill for a few days and figure stuff out, much like the rest of us might go fishing for the weekend to unwind. "She wasn't in rehab that long because she doesn't think she really needs it. She’s ready to live her life like a normal person not on drugs or dealing with the crappy guys who were around her," says Ms. Source.

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Alas, four days is not long enough for Jenelle to "figure out" that you need way more than four days to recover from heroin addiction. But hey, maybe she wasn't really doing heroin. Maybe she was in rehab to kick her addiction to foolishness and self-sabotage.


That would take her even longer than kicking heroin. What is that about, anyway? Does she think she's stronger than her addictions, all evidence to the contrary? Well anyway, she's tweeted a selfie driving her son Jace around. Sure hope they're actually just sitting in the driveway, pretending to drive, while Jenelle's mother waits to pull Jace back out of the car and home where he's safe.

How long before you think Jenelle will be back in rehab?


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