Gerard Butler Finally Admits Sleeping With 'Real Housewife' (VIDEO)

Gerard ButlerSo, remember last year when RHOBH Brandi Glanville went on Watch What Happens Live and told Andy Cohen that she had a steamy, week-long affair with Gerard Butler? After she kissed and told, he denied it and actually denied even knowing who she was.

"Who's Brandi Glanville?" he said when asked about their hookup. That, of course, caused everyone to speculate as to if she was just lying or what the deal was.

Now, Brandi is a lot of things, but I've never thought a liar was one of them. She's actually honest to a fault sometimes. So it just felt slimy at the time that he would diss her like that. I mean, he didn't need to elaborate, but a simple, "I don't kiss and tell" would have been a lot kinder than pretending not to know who she is.

So now, more than a year later, he's finally admitted he did, in fact, sleep with her.


He told Howard Stern they did hook up, but he had no clue what her last name was or what she did for a living. Nice.

“I didn’t know her last name,” he said. “I didn’t know she was a celebrity. I didn’t know she was going to f**king tell people about it.”

Better be more careful there, Gerard. He did say that he tried to make things right with her after the incident, but it didn't go so well.

I called her and I said, "One, I’m not really happy that you did that because there are certain things you got to keep a little private. And two, I am sorry because I said I didn’t know who you were" ... she was in tears and said, "I am doing the press for my new show and ... they don't want to talk about the show, they just are saying that Gerard Butler says he doesn’t know who you are."

He doesn't bother to ask for her last name before having sex with her, but she should have high enough standards to keep things private? Mmmkay.

While he does sound a bit annoyingly arrogant about the whole thing, it is hard to feel sorry for Brandi here because she did make her own bed then tell the whole freakin' world about it. She's definitely no angel, but at least Gerard finally proved what we've suspected all along -- she's no liar, regardless of what Adrienne Maloof would have us believe.

Here Gerard is discussing the whole deal.


Are you surprised by Gerard Butler's confession?


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