'Teen Mom' Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra's Dream Honeymoon Is Up in the Air

catelynn tylerTeen Mom star Catelynn Lowell and her longtime love/future husband Tyler Baltierra have been making us giddy for them all throughout the planning of their wedding, and now it's T minus just four months 'til their Big Day! Makes sense, then, that Catelynn's looking into what they want to do on their honeymoon. She was tweeting about it a few days back, and it looked like she was doing her homework on dangerous vacation destinations.

“Won't be going to any of these places on our Honeymoon!#Honeymoon #Wedding #WhereToGo?” she tweeted to a site listing 20 risky vacation spots. Nonetheless, she seemed intrigued by a couple of the destinations ...


She wrote:

New Zealand and Australia look like really cool places to visit! Extreme sports don't scare us! #bungeejumping.

Good for them! I could totally see Catelynn and Tyler getting their adrenaline rush on while on their honeymoon. If they went to either of those spots down under, they could easily go bungee jumping, as she noted, or skydiving, even ziplining or river surfing. But man oh man, are those activities NOT for every newlywed couple!

I've gotta say -- I admire couples I know who, like these two, planned a honeymoon itinerary that included riding elephants, cruising around on the high seas, flying more than 24 hours to Asia with a stopover in Korea, etc. But I couldn't wrap my head around any of that. Sure, my fiance and I wanted to visit a tropical paradise far away from New Jersey, but we're also in serious need of some R&R&R (rest, relaxation, romance). Don't get me wrong. Being that we're headed somewhere brimming with natural wonder -- Hawaii -- we definitely plan to get our adventure on a bit. It's just not our top priority like some couples'. 

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Just further proof that whether they plan to enjoy peace and quiet on a white sand beach, a rollicking good time white river rafting, or sipping wine in Rome, every couple wants something different out of their honeymoon. And no doubt about it -- sounds like Catelynn and Tyler are well on their way to planning their perfect getaway!

How did you plan your honeymoon? What were your top priorities for the trip?


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