‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe & His Fiance Shouldn’t Rush Into Having Kids if They Want to Last

bachelor sean loweYou know what sounds like a terrible idea? Going on a reality TV show to meet your wife. You know what sounds like an even worse idea? Rushing to have kids with that person. Bachelor Sean Lowe and his fiance (either Catherine Giudici or Lindsay Yenter) are apparently in a hurry to start a family, but really, the only thing they should be raising is a glass to their fleeting fame and fleeting relationship.


Sean told People that "kids can wait for a while as we get to know each other", but a source close to him says that "Sean wants a family soon, 100 percent."

As any Bachelor fan knows, there is nothing permanent about that final rose. Brad and Emily? Done. Courtney and Ben? Over. Emily and Jef? Kaput. Sean and Catherine/Lindsay? Outlook is not good.

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If Sean and his fiance rush into having kids, Captain Obvious thinks it'll be a huge mistake. There's nothing real about the reality show on which they met, so Sean needs time to realize that he doesn't have to give a single flower at the end of each date, and his fiance needs time to realize that a one on one date won't always involve a private jet, a beach-side dinner, or a shopping spree.

Having kids within the first few months is just bad idea jeans. If you wanna do something crazy, put your wedding on TV. If you want to do something even crazier, get married on TV, then talk about how your born again self is going to have sex non-stop on your honeymoon. But don't have kids. Not right away, anyway. That's just crazy crazy.

Do you think Sean and his fiance should wait to have kids?


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