‘Game of Thrones’ Season 2 Recap Will Catch You Up in Time for an Amazing Season 3 (VIDEO)

Game of ThronesSo between now and March 31, you may not have time to rewatch the first and second seasons of Game of Thrones, let alone reread the two massive-length novels upon which the series is based. How the heck are you supposed to gear up for season 3 in the meantime? March 31 is only a few precious weeks away (thank goodness)!

HBO has the answer, because of course they do. They put together this awesome 14-minute highlights reel of the best of season 2. Better to spend just 14 minutes catching up on our favorite show than rewatching 10 hour-long episodes, don't you think? From interviews with the show's creators and actors to featuring the most memorable clips, this refresher will do nothing but get you pumped for what's to come in season 3.

Get ready, dorks! March 31 will be here before we know it. It's so, so close, and we're so, so stoked.


Here is the 14-minute highlights video:

It's nice to get a reminder of how amazing the Battle of the Blackwater was and how hilarious Tyrion is and what a big bastard King Joffrey is and how hot Jaime and Daenerys are. All the characters are so diverse and so well-acted that you can't help but become completely invested in what happens to them.

They pretty much go through every storyline from season 2 and reveal some of the best moments from each. You kind of forget all of the material that they had to get through and the ridiculous amount of characters there are in this series. That's another part of the reason this show is so great! You can go from viciously hating Joffrey and Theon to loving Tyrion and Brienne all in one hour-long episode.

And now that we're all caught up, stay tuned for what's sure to be a thrilling third season. What is dead may never die!

Are you looking forward to season 3? Did this season 2 refresher help?


Image via GameofThrones/YouTube

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