'Girls' Shows Us Q-Tip in Way We Never, Ever Wanted to See

girls hannahWe've all been told the dangers of sticking a Q-tip too far into your ear. Perhaps we've even worried that we went too far once or twice. But nothing could have prepared us for what Hannah did on this episode of Girls. Nothing!!!!

The biggest complaints I've heard about the show is how Lena Dunham's character is too often naked and no one wants to see that. I'm not one of those people. But after what we saw on this episode titled "On All Fours", I'm officially completely freaked out.


That was the most painful Q-tip scene I have ever seen. I was cringing. Hand over mouth. Totally freaking out about what we were going to see when she pulled it out. But she couldn't even do that. IT. WAS. STUCK. Hannah ends up in the hospital with a doctor extracting it and we see the tip of it, bloody and icky and a colorful reminder of how much Hannah is losing it. And then she asks to see it so she can take it home, only to shove the other end of it into her other ear at the end of the show.

HORRIFYING. So horrifying I almost forgot about the massive splinter she got in her butt right before she had the Q-tip incident. So disgusting that seeing her poke tweezers into the gash from the splinter was like seeing puppies drooling in comparison.

I could deal with Adam drinking. I saw that coming. I could deal with Adam's weird sex scene with Natalia and the mighty convincing semen shot on her chest. (Oh my word!!) I was cringing when Marni started singing but soon felt relief when Charlie got all sexy and started passionately kissing and then having sex with her on his desk. I totally didn't see that coming -- I really thought he was done with her -- but I loved it.

But that Q-tip. Deep in the ear. I felt the pain in my own. I'm worried. She's not well. This OCD is making her hurt herself and we're all watching it unfold. Next week she calls Adam who is also unraveling. Next week is the finale.

What do you think will happen with Hannah? What about Adam? Did the Q-tip scene freak you out as well?

Image via HBO

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