'Kourtney & Kim Take Miami' Recap: Scott Calls Kourtney Fat & Makes Her Cry

Kourtney KardashianScott Disick has been playing it pretty nice this season, but tonight on Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, he showed his low side once again when he was taunting Kourtney for her weight. She just had her second baby, she was still breastfeeding, and here he was relentlessly poking fun at her for being "fat" and offering not-so-helpful advice.

It started off with a few little comments about her not wearing a bikini, but he just wouldn't stop. His defense was that he thought she wasn't happy, and he was just trying to help her, which was bullsh#t. When he told her his ideal weight for her is 93 pounds (she weighed in at 115), I'm surprised she didn't punch him.


He later said he was joking, but he sure didn't seem to be. When he told her that he fell in love with her when she was super skinny, that was a really low blow. No one wants to be reminded of that. Then he kept implying that she wasn't trying as hard to lose the weight as she did after she had Mason.

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When she told him she was trying to lose the weight the healthy way, he told her to "do it healthy, but do it sooner," and that was pretty much the final straw. She finally broke down in tears, and then he started to backtrack and said he was just joking, blah blah blah. But he should have never pushed her that far. In the end they made up, and she vowed to try to work harder to lose the weight, which is great, but it also really reminded us what a jerk Scott can be.

I can't even comment on the whole Kim Kardashian gone private eye story line. It was all just too bizarre, and I kept having this horrible image of some spin-off show that's a mix of Kardashians and Cops. I hope Fara, the young woman for whom they were searching, is helped by the publicity, and if so, it was worth watching. But still, Kim involved in police work is just too disconcerting to contemplate. Almost as disconcerting as that blood facial -- yuck!

Do you think Scott went overboard with his comments about Kourtney's weight? Do you think she forgave him too easily?


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