'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Kenya Moore & Phaedra Parks Strip It Down in Vegas

Real Housewives of AtlantaWhat started as a bus ride from hell on tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta just got worse as the ladies finally descended on sin city. Before they left, Kenya Moore swore she was going to stay out of the drama in Las Vegas per her doctor's orders. But after listening to her rant and watching her imitation of Phaedra Parks (which was actually pretty darn good), Cynthia Bailey declared her a ticking time bomb. She was right.

Attention was briefly distracted from the Phaedra-Kenya drama when everyone pounced on Porsha Stewart for not going to the strip club with them. They all think her husband, Kordell, is too controlling, and while he seems to be a bit old-fashioned, it felt like a huge overreaction, especially from NeNe Leakes, who was all up in arms about it. 

"He is not the king. That is some old, traditional bullshit," NeNe told her. Maybe so, but some people like old, traditional bullshit, and Porsha appears to be one of them.


She didn't seem to want to go to the strip club at all, but they wouldn't let her be. Even the next day they had some sort of intervention. I get where they're coming from, but Porsha seems pretty happy to me, so they really should just back off and focus on their own damn relationships.

The rest of the ladies had a grand old time at the strip club, with NeNe Leakes reliving her glory days, telling the story of when she used to strip. Phaedra was up close examining various grooming jobs, and Kenya seemed inclined to take one of the ladies home.

After some shopping and mechanical bull riding, they decided to have a night in for one of Kandi Burruss's sex toy parties. It seemed ridiculous to do it in Vegas when they could do it any old night in Atlanta, but there they were seeing who could seduce a strawberry. It was all pretty tame, then Phaedra had to go and make a reference to Kenya's ex, Walter, and you could hear that ticking getting louder.

Kenya told the camera she was over the phoniness and wanted some answers and an apology. So when it came time to write down relationship questions and put them in a hat, Kenya wrote one geared for Phaedra about so-called friends betraying you.

When the other ladies started answering the question, Kenya cut to the chase, "Why don’t we have Phaedra answer that question because I wrote that question."

Then they proceeded to go back and forth about who was at fault in the whole booty mess. Kenya tried to be all holier-than-thou when it was just weeks ago that she dressed up like Phaedra at a public event. "You cut me to the white meat," she told Phaedra, which means ... I have no idea.

She was trying to play the poor me card, but Phaedra wasn't buying it. Kenya is the one who totally betrayed Phaedra by copying her booty workout video, and she needs to accept the rest as the fallout from that. Not that she ever will.

In the end, they pretty much agreed to disagree, which just means there's going to be another blow up coming soon. As NeNe said, "These bitches will never be friends."

Do you think Kordell is too controlling of Porsha? Do you think Phaedra owes Kenya an apology -- or vice versa?


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