'Glee' Recap: Rachel Berry Just Can't Be Pregnant!

Glee 500th musical performanceGlee has left us hanging for nearly a month, leaving us all wondering whether Rachel Berry had gone and got herself pregnant. Everybody's favorite high school musical came back tonight with a special celebration of its 500th musical performance dubbed "Girls and Boys on Film." With a name like that, there's no surprise it was full of recreations of the mushiest, gushiest '80s era romances.

From Footloose to Ghost to Say Anything, we got a hearty helping of schmaltz. So what didn't we get?


An answer!

Is Rachel pregnant or isn't she? I mean, it sure seems like she might be.

Santana has officially moved into McKinley East (aka Rachel and Kurt's apartment in New York), and while she was nosing around, she uncovered the pregnancy test buried under toilet paper in the bathroom garbage can. First Rachel got mad. Then she burst into tears.

Sounds like an admission, right? I mean, if she wasn't pregnant, why the tears? Wouldn't she stop at being pissed off at her friend for being so nosy? And we were hearing rumors that this was going to happen way back in November.

Then again, does anyone really want to see Rachel Berry pregnant? We just found out -- thanks to Santana's nosiness -- that Brody might actually be a drug dealer, so we certainly don't want to see him becoming her baby daddy. And Finn is finally acting like an adult and standing on his own two feet back home in Lima; he hardly needs Rachel showing back up and saying, "Hey, let's get hitched after all, because Mama can't do this alone!"

No, I can't see either path being exactly good for Rachel ... or the potential baby daddies in her life. 

So maybe it's a good thing that Glee left us hanging, yet again? Since no one has actually used the word "pregnant" yet, we can all pretend it might not be real ... at least for one more week.

It can't be real, can it? Come on. Sigh.

Do you think Rachel Berry is pregnant? Will you be able to keep watching if she is?


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