‘Bachelorette’ Star Emily Maynard Accidentally Reveals Why She’s Still Single

emily maynardYou guys, Emily Maynard is giving out dating advice! What should you wear on your first date? Em says: "I don’t think you can go wrong with a pair of skinny black jeans or leather pants and a cute top with some funky heels, and just make it your own with the accessories." What look do guys hate the most? Em says: "Red lipstick. Every guy I’ve ever been around does not like red lipstick, for some reason." One more question, Em. How do you turn that engagement into a marriage that stands the test of time?


Emily? Emily? Hello? Uh oh, we broke the Emily.


This, people. THIS is why Emily Maynard is still single. Because she dates for a living on TV. Because while Emily has definitely got style for miles I don't think she's figured out the deeper stuff. It's like Emily is a genius at seducing men and figuring out exactly what they want ... on a date. Is Emily so good at dating she's never learned how to have a relationship?

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Maybe I'm being too hard on her. I mean, she's just answering the questions she was asked. But her number one tip for dating as a single mom is: "You really have to force yourself to do it." Okay! Can't wait to go out there and force myself to have dinner with a man! If you put it that way, this whole dating thing sounds like a total drag. I mean, thanks for acknowledging that we do have to leave the house at some point in order for that date to happen, Lady Obvious. But is that really all you have to tell us?

Emily always knows how to get her foot into the door. But what we single moms really need to know is how to stay in the room. And own it. Are you following me? (Did I go too far with that metaphor?) Poor Emily. I think this pretty much says everything about why she's always a Bachelorette but never a bride.

Do you think Emily is too superficial to make a relationship work?


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