‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ Ex Tweets His Arrest ... Because He’s Classy Like That

courtland rogersI almost don't even want to waste finger energy typing out the latest news about accomplished d-bag Courtland Rogers. Jenelle Evans' estranged (I guess that's one way to put it) husband is making headlines again, and it's all probably just a gross publicity stunt. But here goes. Ugh: Supposedly Courtland Rogers tweeted that he'd been arrested yesterday afternoon. "They.got me...brunswick.coybty jail i am.on my way...write me ...sorry I got caught."

No, that's not e.e. cummings tweeting bad poetry from the beyond. But is it really Courtland? Here's the thing. When WetPaint reached out to the Brunswick County sheriff's office in North Carolina, they found out Courtland wasn't even there! "We do not have him in our facility at this time, nor has he been in our facility within the past 24-48 hours." What the --?!?


BUT WAIT! There's a update: The sheriff's office came back with a reversal just minutes later. They confirmed that Courtland was booked at 11:34 this morning. Spokeswoman Emily Flax told WetPaint, "Looks like he has indeed been taken into custody as of today and it looks like the charges are one count assault on a female." That still doesn't explain how he was able to tweet in handcuffs, but that's a minor detail. 

If you're lucky enough to have not kept up with this love-torn saga, Courtland's already got four counts of assault against him, including assault on an unborn child, which allegedly resulted in Jenelle's miscarriage. I guess instead of facing these charges, Courtland left the state and missed his court date, REAL MANLY OF YOU, COURTLAND. And then he came back to North Carolina and hit a lady (allegedly, allegedly). This is becoming a bit of a habit, no?

Anyway, I'm not at all surprised that Courtland's arrest story was as muddled as it was. That's Courtland's LIFE, know what I mean? This is the guy who supposedly makes up stories for the tabloids. Who knows why the sheriff's office said he wasn't there and then turned around and said he was. Courtland sent that tweet yesterday afternoon, but he wasn't booked until this morning -- and we may never know what happened in the intervening time. But yeah. He's in the slammer, and as Grumpy Cat would say, "Good."

Do you think Courtland will try and run away again?


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