'Bachelor' Sean Lowe's Women Have Some Serious Daddy Issues


Is it just me or does this season of The Bachelor seem like a bigger weep fest than usual? Interestingly, however, catfights and the fear of getting dumped by Sean Lowe aren't the only reason for the waterworks. These women have the saddest collection of family backstories ever heard on this show. Translation -- there are some serious Daddy Issues going on.


You couldn't help but feel for AshLee when she revealed being abused, then bouncing around from one foster home to another. She was adopted by a loving, supportive family, but she was honest about still carrying some deep emotional scars from being abandoned by her parents. All of that made her very intense -- too much so, according to other girls in the house. You could just see her fury and pain when Sean gave her the boot. 

Tierra actually sounds like she has a good relationship with her dad, but he may have done her a disservice always talking about her supposed "sparkle." She was obsessed with the other girls not taking her "sparkle" away. That certainly didn't do her any favors.

While Desiree's dad was great, her brother is a whole other story. He gives Sean a ridiculously hard time, calling him a "Playboy" and a "fraud." Sure, we all may have been thinking it, but did the guy have to be so rude? When Desiree was given the boot at the end of the show, Sean made it clear it was because of her bro. Poor girl.

The finalists aren't without their issues too. That cute and bubbly persona masks Catherine's painful past. She witnessed a tree falling on and killing one of her childhood friends. Though, it was her father that probably had the greatest and most devastating impact on her life. She was just 14 years old when he attempted suicide in front of her. He now lives in Taiwan and works for a humanitarian organization.

Then there's seemingly perfect, well-adjusted Lindsay. Her father, commander Major General Mark Yenter, was a great role model, to be sure. As was evident during the "hometown visits," she has a lot of love and respect for him. However, she made a point of revealing she spent most of her childhood moving from one place to another and her father was often overseas serving his country. That experience can definitely have a profound effect on your relationships too. 

Who do you think Sean should ultimately end up with?


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