'Bachelor' Sean Lowe's Fantasy Suite Date With AshLee Frazier May Not Have Been So Innocent

Sean Lowe AshLee Frazier

OMG. Say it isn't so. Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky thinks there's a chance that Sean Lowe may have had sex with AshLee Frazier in the fantasy suite on their overnight date -- based on AshLee calling Sean a liar on The Bachelor "Women Tell All" special.

Yes, she used Sean Lowe and sex (ok, so she didn't actually say "sex," but she implied it) in the same sentence and the words "not until marriage" were not included.

Holy smokes. This is huge, people.


In her Bachelor blog for E!, Ali writes, "AshLee seriously called Sean out last night. I know he's a born again virgin, but her behavior really makes me wonder if they got physical together in the fantasy suite. She said she felt 'dishonored' by him."

And I hate to admit it -- but the exact same thought went through my head while I was watching AshLee and Sean's conversation on the show. Did you notice how Sean got all shifty-eyed when AshLee asked him why he told her he didn't have any feelings for the other two women?

The first thing that popped into my mind was, "Why would he say that to her? OMG. The only reason he would possibly say something like that is to butter her up and get her to give into temptation and take things to the (ahem) next level."

You guys, I really don't want to believe that Sean went against his morals and did the dirty with AshLee, but you have to admit, it does sound possible judging from his reaction to her accusations.

And if they did actually engage in a whole lot more than polite chit-chat in the fantasy suite, AshLee's blatantly pissed off reaction to Sean sending her home makes even more sense.

But then again, it's also likely that Sean was just so caught off-guard by AshLee calling him out for lying that he didn't know what to do or say, which is why his gaze started going all over the place and he began to squirm.

Ugh. This is really a tough one to call. Either AshLee is, in reality, 100 percent more unstable than Tierra LiCausi -- or something went down between her and Sean in that fantasy suite that neither one of them will probably ever admit to.

Do you think AshLee and Sean had sex?


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