Kailyn Lowry Goes Wedding Dress Shopping at Super Pricey Bridal Boutique

Kailyn Lowry 'Teen Mom'Kailyn Lowry has been happily married to her husband Javi Marroquin since their courthouse wedding a few months ago, but that's not stopping her from planning the ultimate bigger-scale shindig this coming fall. The Teen Mom is rockin' a glamtastic wedding band, has received her save-the-dates, and now -- is on the hunt for the perfect wedding dress. Yesterday she went to New York City's very own Kleinfeld Bridal, of Say Yes to the Dress fame, on the hunt for the perfect gown on her sixth-month wedding anniversary. Adorable!

I've gotta admit: I'm jealous. I've only watched every episode of that show a bazillion times and dream of the day when my dream guy proposes to me so I can go in there, try dresses on, someone will tell me I look faaaabulous, and give Randy a high-five.

But did Kailyn buy a dress there? I doubt it. And I doubt I will, either.


I doubt that Kailyn actually made the purchase because, well, she didn't say anything about it on Twitter. I think it's physically impossible to have appeared on MTV's Teen Mom and not publicly acknowledge every little thing on Twitter. But I also doubt she bought one there because as beautiful as all of the gowns in that salon are, many of them are expensive. VERY expensive. With how big of a wedding she's saying she's going to have, I'm sure they're trying to budget wherever they can -- including the price of her dress. I cannot blame her.

Every girl dreams of that perfect wedding dress. With that said, though, it is possible to find your dream style at a discounted price. Stores like David's Bridal and J.Crew sell dresses much cheaper than designer outlets. You could also save money by buying a dress directly off the rack (in other words, a sample), looking at outlet stores, or when all else fails -- attempt to negotiate. Bridal salons want you to have your dream dress just as much as you do, and are often willing to work out a good deal.

How much would you spend on a wedding dress?


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