Kanye West Sells His Bachelor Pad for Kim Kardashian & Maybe He's Finally Growing Up (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Mar 5, 2013 TV

Kanye West houseIt's official, ladies and gentlemen. Kanye West is selling his bachelor pad in the Hollywood Hills to move in with Kim Kardashian, which means he's ready to grow up and become a man once and for all.

It can't be easy to part with a space where you spent the better part of your single years, but somehow I'm guessing the $11 million Bel Air mansion Kanye and Kim recently purchased is a decent consolation prize. (That is, if they even plan on living there.)

And it sounds like Kanye is more than ready to part with his pad, because he dropped the price of the home to $3.3 million from it's original listing price of $3.995 million.

And for the right buyer, $3.3 million is quite the deal for the 4,214 square foot ultra-modern home. When I say ultra-modern, I mean U-L-T-R-A modern. Let's put it this way -- Kanye's decor includes pictures of the Jetsons on the walls, and it's easy to see why. This place looks like something you'd reside in on Mars.

And it goes without saying that a house fit for outer space is most definitely not fit for a baby.

But even though Kanye is moving on to the next chapter of his life and is ready to say goodbye to his single days -- he may want to seriously consider setting up a little man cave in the home he'll share with Kim. After a few months of middle-of-the-night diaper changes and little to no sleep, he'll probably be dreaming of his quiet days in his old abode.

Here are a few photos of Kanye's bachelor pad. Pretty "out there," isn't it?


Image via Zillow

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