'Bachelor' Villain Tierra LiCausi's Forehead Magically Loses Its 'Dent' (VIDEO)

Tierra LiCausiShe may have brought her "sparkle" to the Bachelor "Women Tell All" special last night -- but did you happen to notice that the dent in Tierra LiCausi's forehead was noticeably absent during her appearance?

Yep, instead of looking like she'd been hit in the face with some sort of hard object, Tierra's forehead appeared smooth, flawless, and well -- dent-free.

And other than using some sort of magic potion to erase her trademark flaw, there's really only one possible explanation for how Tierra managed to go from having a dent to being totally perfect.


Um, let's get a show of hands -- who else thinks she got herself a nice filler-job before going on the "Women Tell All" show?

And if you're not quite convinced that Tierra may have had a little work done -- take a look at this video clip and pay close attention to how her forehead doesn't move. Like at all.


Do you see a dent? I don't see a darn thing. And odds are good nobody else watching the show noticed one either.

Yep, she definitely had something done, all right. But honestly, can you blame her? Other than her eyebrow, the groove in Tierra's forehead was probably one of the most talked about facial features in Bachelor history. I mean, the girl was absolutely butchered for not having a perfectly smooth forehead, so it's really not surprising that she took her multiple insults to heart and decided to do something about it.

Be honest, wouldn't you be a little self-conscious if people all over the country had been talking about an imperfection on your face and giving you tons of grief for it? And if you were planning on appearing on national television again, wouldn't you want to have it corrected first?

Tierra may have dished out all sorts of crazy during Sean Lowe's season of The Bachelor, but I'm giving her a hall pass for fixing her face. I don't care how nuts you are -- there's only so much criticism a girl can take when it comes to her appearance.

Do you think Tierra had her dent filled in?


Image via GHEpis/YouTube

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