New 'Mad Men' Season 6 Teaser Trailer: Looks Like Don Will Have a Big 'Affair' After All (VIDEO)

mad men season 6 betty don meganWhoa, whoa, whoa! With only about a month until AMC's Mad Men season 6 premiere, AMC just upped the ante big time. They've "invited" us all with a snazzy save-the-date of sorts -- in the form of the first teaser trailer for the two-hour season premiere on Sunday, April 7.

Now, not to be a total Betty Draper Downer, but AMC didn't exactly go out of their way to deliver much of anything we haven't seen yet. The teaser is made up of the black and white promo stills we saw a few weeks back ... That said, the promo consists of one, spine-chillingly, OMG line: "You're invited to the Affair of the Year." Whaaaa?!

Check it out ...


Eek! Okay, sure, sure, that could mean all different things ... Maybe they just mean that the premiere itself is the "affair of the year," maybe Sterling Draper Cooper Pryce is throwing a humongously impressive fete (at which all the characters seem to be present in these pics). But pfffft, that is not all there is to this by FAR!

Clearly, Matthew Weiner and Co. want us to at least speculate about the "affair" being Don's. After all, the cliffhanger we were left with in the season 5 finale had us wondering exactly whether or not Don would stray from Megan, now that she's on her way to being a working actress. And given what Weiner himself recently said about the return of the Don we knew and loved before this strange, loyal married guy took over in season 5, I'm highly inclined to believe that adultery is going to be back in the mix. In a big way.

As in major! Most likely mind-blowing! I mean, he's going to "The AFFAIR of the Year"! With whom?! And when ... and how? Will Megan find out? Will she even care? So many questions! Must ... wait ... patiently for April 7. Ahhhh!

What do you make of this teaser trailer? Do you think Don will cheat?

Image via AMC

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