'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Kyle Richards Is Majorly Jealous of Brandi Glanville

Kyle Richards and Lisa VanderpumpTonight was episode deux of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills trip to Paris. While it seemed we might get some answers as to why Kim Richards was acting so loopy last week, instead more questions were raised.

It was a big game of "Where's Kim?" once again when the ladies were getting ready to leave for a cooking class. She'd acted better but still spacey while out with Lisa Vanderpump earlier in the day, but no one had seen her since. They started to get worried about her, and Kyle Richards and Yolanda Foster charged up to her room to see if she was okay. I was honestly scared to see what they might find behind the door.


Fortunately Kim had just fallen asleep ... or so she said. I'm not convinced that's all there was to it, and neither really was anyone else. But when Lisa brought up the issue and kind of made light of it, Kim got really upset. She accused Lisa of being a pot stirrer, and was even more miffed when Lisa kept pulling people aside to talk about Kim when Kim was right there.

While Lisa may have crossed a line, I think she's genuinely concerned for Kim and didn't mean any harm. Well, that, and she does kind of like to stir a little. Don't they all?

Kyle Richards also had a problem with Lisa, the same problem she's had for some time now, but tonight she spelled out for us the real root of her problem atop the Eiffel Tower -- she's jealous of Brandi Glanville. "Now it’s like you only have room for Brandi," Kyle whined to her. She also told the cameras, "I’ve been replaced."

Sorry, but waa. Kyle made her bed by not having Lisa's back and by saying some pretty hurtful things about her during the reunion. Lisa has told her their friendship has changed because of this, and Kyle just can't accept that she's not the favorite anymore. She wants to be the perfect Housewife and tries to pretend she's all neutral and everyone's best friend, but the fact is she hasn't been a good friend to Lisa -- Brandi has.

Lisa isn't being cruel to her, but I don't blame her for not having the same open-armed relationship with Kyle. Things have changed, and Kyle needs to accept it (and accept that it's because of her actions) and move on. Maybe time will change things between the two, but not if Kyle doesn't stop whining about it. 

Do you think Lisa is wrong to hold a grudge against Kyle?


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