'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Leah Needs to Show Jeremy a Little Respect

Leah Messer CalvertIt can be hard watching Teen Mom 2 knowing that so much has changed since the season 4 episodes were shot. At least, we're hoping things have changed big time for Leah Messer's then-boyfriend (now husband) Jeremy Calvert. Because there's nothing good about how he's being treated on TV.

For awhile now we've been watching Leah ping pong back and forth between her ex-husband Corey and Jeremy. Even getting engaged and getting pregnant with Jeremy's baby wasn't enough to make her commit to her new path, and tonight we really saw how little she thinks of her new man.


While Jeremy was out of town at work, Leah met up with Corey and the two talked about their feelings. They even agreed to go to counseling, and she told her mom that with her mixed feelings, Jeremy shouldn't be living with her.

It almost sounds smart and grownup, but when it's time to actually tell Jeremy the news, Leah blows it. She makes Jeremy pull it out of her, little by little, while she plays with her fingernails. 

Even when he asks her flat out if they're "done," Leah dances around it. It's like she wants to have her cake and eat it too. It would be a perfect situation for her if Jeremy would just keep being her boyfriend, waiting around while she tries to figure things out with Corey.

I feel sorry for the guy. He's working his butt off all week at work, comes home and helps take care of two kids who aren't even his, and she doesn't have the respect to come out and give it to him straight? I was surprised she even gave him his ring back.

We know the two are now married in real life, so I'm hoping something MAJOR has happened since this episode was shot. Poor Jeremy seems like a standup guy, and he doesn't deserve to be treated like he's Leah's back-up plan.

Speaking of being treated badly, Chelsea's on-again/off-again boyfriend Adam is up to his old tricks. After sleeping with Chelsea without protection, he offers to show up to see Aubree one night and then decides to ditch his own daughter to go to the movies. Worse: he lies to Chelsea about it. Thank goodness she finally got her period, so she's got one less string tying her to the loser.

We've got another loser in Kieffer Delp who is back with Jenelle. The Teen Mom completed her probation, which means she's once again allowed to make contact with the guy who got her arrested in the first place. And of course she ignores everyone who tells her to avoid him and picks him up at the bus station. We know where this is going, don't we?

There is good news on the Kailyn front (thank goodness). Kail and Jo managed their first custody exchange after their court drama without an incident!

But it looks like we'll get more drama next week out of all of them, and Corey and Jeremy are going to talk things out!

What do you think of the way Leah treats Jeremy? Would you stick around if you were him?


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