'Bachelor Women Tell All' Special: 6 Dramatic Moments We Don't Want to Miss (VIDEO)

Sean Lowe

Yes! The day has finally arrived. Tonight is The Bachelor "Women Tell All" special -- and I can't wait to see what goes down when the girls are reunited and confront not only each other, but Sean Lowe too.

Though it didn't start out on a particularly entertaining note, Sean's season has really shaped up to be one of the most drama-filled yet, much to the delight of many die-hard Bachelor fans, including myself.

And based on the craziness of some of the cast members, there's gotta be some good stuff going down on the "Women Tell All" tonight, right?


Here are six moments I'm SO hoping we have the pleasure of witnessing this evening.

  1. Tierra's return -- OMG. Thank GOD Tierra LiCausi returns for the Women Tell All show -- otherwise the enjoyment factor would've plummeted in an instant. This girl is so nuts she actually believes she's stable -- and there's no way the other women are going to give her any sort of a break tonight. Fingers crossed that we see plenty of tears, hear a few raised voices, and of course, see some decent movement from Tierra's eyebrow.
  2. AshLee's wrath -- Yeah ... so AshLee Frazier proved to be anything but the sweet natured gal we thought she was when Sean sent her packing last week. She most definitely was not amused when Sean let her go, and I'm hoping she'll have a few choice words to say to him tonight since she was so tight lipped during her exit.
  3. Sarah's true feelings -- When Sean sent Sarah Herron home before the rose ceremony, he drew mixed reactions from viewers as to whether or not it was a good idea to single her out. We'll definitely see Sarah speak her peace on being rejected by Sean -- and it's going to be pretty emotional.
  4. Desiree's defense -- Ok, so we HAVE to hear what Desiree Hartsock thinks about her brother acting like a total ass to Sean, right? There's no way she's going to get through tonight's show without Chris Harrison asking her about it.
  5. Lesley's regret -- Will Lesley Murphy admit that she regrets not telling Sean she loved him on their one-on-one date? Holding back may have cost her an engagement ring -- but maybe we'll get lucky and she'll wind up as the next Bachelorette.
  6. Sean's virginity -- For the love of Pete, please let Chris ask Sean about whether or not he's still a "virgin" now that he's reportedly engaged to either Catherine or Lindsay. (Inquiring minds want to know.)

Check out this sneak peek of the "Women Tell All" show -- I can't wait!

Who or what are you most excited to see on the "Women Tell All" show tonight?


Image via ABC

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