'Girls' Suffer the Worst After an Ex Moves On

Breaking up is hard. We know this. There are songs about it, movies about it, people even get tattoos symbolic of strength in times when they think they just cannot go on anymore after being dumped. It's serious. But who hurts more? The one who did the breaking up or the one who was broken up with? Maybe the "suffering" is worse for the person who faces a serious of failures or setbacks after the breakup. It's especially painful for that person if the ex seems to be more successful than ever after being dumped.

It's in this episode of HBO's Girls -- "It's Back" -- that we see the girls suffering the worst. The girls who did the breaking up.


Even though Marni is supposed to be looking a little rough because of her non-relationship with Booth and her talents being wasted on a job where she has to wear magician sidekick clothes, I thought she looked rather beautiful with her unkempt ponytails and pajama-esque clothes. But not beautiful enough to convince Charlie to give her a shot at getting back together. Once someone shows you their ugly inside, it's on the outside, too. He did try to kiss her the last time they were in the same room (or rather rooftop) together. She said no. He told her that would be the last time she had a chance with him.

I wanted to shake her, tell her, Don't let that man go! He's a keeper. But I didn't because this is a television show and I'm based in reality. We've all been there -- wanting to tell our friends to wake up and realize they have something really good with someone and are throwing it away. Maybe we've even been Marni.

Marni is that ex who does that typical 'don't know what you've got 'til it's gone' behavior. But it may be only because Charlie really does seem to have moved on. Not just with another girl -- that didn't matter. With actual success. His life seems all put together and on the right path and hers is a mess. He developed an app! An app to prevent you from calling someone you don't want to call like an ex and Marni was the inspiration. Total hipster burn.

Marni's a mess just like Hannah who is so stressed out that her OCD from her teen years is back. It's the e-book deadline and Adam that is the root of it all. And of course it is! She's torn -- she doesn't know if she loves him or should fear him. She admits to the specialist that she felt pressured by her friends to be without him for a while to sort it out. She's not listening to herself, or what she wants. Wait until she learns that Adam is dating again.

Breaking up. Hard even on the ones who do the dumping.

What did you think of this episode? Do you think Charlie and Marni or Hannah and Adam will get back together?


Image via HBO

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