'SNL' Hilariously Takes on the Pope, Sequester & 'Walking Dead' (VIDEOS)

Kevin HartKevin Hart hosted 'SNL' last night, and while he wasn't one of the most highly anticipated names to take the gig, he delivered a pretty great show. He and the cast took on some of  the big hot-button issues of the week in some seriously funny skits.

The best came when Hart dressed up as 9-year-old star of Beasts of the Southern Wild Quvenzhane Wallis, who had been named the new pope. "I don't think anyone saw this coming," the news commentator said. While doing a victory dance that included the Dougie and riding a Cardinal, she was met with adoration. "Go Popey, Go Popey." Okay, you really have to see it to get it. Watch after the jump.


They also took on the other big issue of the week -- Sequester. While it's not the lightest of subjects, Jay Pharoah playing President Obama managed to make it hilarious. The best part came at the end when a sailor, a highway patrolman, a construction worker, and a Native American came out channeling the Village People, and Obama told them, “Young men, there’s no need to feel down.”

Fans of The Walking Dead also got a treat when Hart got bitten by a zombie, and they decided he'd become "one of them." Hart took offense saying, "When someone comes from a different cultural background, they’re automatically a zombie." A discussion about political correctness and zombies ensued.

What do you think of these skits?


Image via NBC

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