5 Successful Celebs Who Were Teen Moms & Should Inspire the Likes of Jenelle & Maci (PHOTOS)

Lindsay Mannering | Mar 1, 2013 TV

sofia vergaraThese days, "teen mom" is synonymous with MTV, baby daddy drama, and, unfortunately, rehab. The reality show has come under fire for its supposed glamorization of teen motherhood with stars like Jenelle Evans, Maci Bookout, and Leah Messer Calvert becoming larger than life celebrities whose stories sell tabloids and, thus, ads.

But it wasn't always like that. Obviously teen motherhood is a tale as old as time, but you might be surprised to learn that these 5 well-known and highly successful women were also teen moms. The MTV cast should take note -- these ladies set a wonderful example.

  • Sofia Vergara


    Sofia married her childhood sweetheart at 18, had son Manolo at 19, then divorced a year later. Now, the comedic actress has been nominated for a handful of Emmys for her role on Modern Family and says she doesn't even want to think about having more kids.

  • Aretha Franklin


    Aretha got pregnant with her first son just three monts after she turned 13 and gave birth just three days after turning 14. Her second son, with a different man, was born when she was 15. Aretha went on to have two more sons in adulthood, and to win 18 Grammys.

  • Niki Taylor


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    Supermodel Niki Taylor married her arena football linebacker boyfriend right after high school, gave birth to twin boys when she was 19, and was divorced by 21 ... but she went on to become a world famous model, spokeswoman, and activist.

  • Suzanne Somers



    Suzanne says her greatest regret in life is missing out on spending time with her son Bruce, whom she had when she was 19. She was a single mom looking for work back then ... and it paid off. Suzanne is certainly a household name, and has been for decades.

  • Solange Knowles


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    If you haven't heard of Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles, it's guaranteed you soon will. She was married at 17 and had a son nine months later, calling him the best unplanned blessing. The 26-year-old's latest record, True, is getting plenty of traction -- critics and fans alike love her song "Losing You."

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