'RHOA' Kenya Moore Releases Booty Workout DVD & Shows Just How Low She'll Go (VIDEOS)

Kenya MooreI didn't think Kenya Moore would actually go through with it when she started talking about doing a stallion booty workout video on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I mean after working on Phaedra Parks' donkey booty video, she wouldn't really go that low as to outright steal her idea would she? Well, it seems she would.

This week her "Booty Boot Camp" DVD was released in real life (you can pre-order it on Amazon and everything). We learned early on that she and her 'Gone With the Wind' fabulous self have no shame, but still it's unbelievable that she actually did it.

So now the butt wars of Atlanta have officially been kicked into high gear. The question is: Whose will be more successful -- Kenya's or Phaedra's? 


Personally, I'm betting on/rooting for Phaedra. Her video with her husband Apollo has a much more professional feel, and it was their idea. Plus, they're actually enjoyable to watch.

Kenya on the other hand has done nothing but show us her shady and deceitful side all season, and she's just not very likable AT ALL.  She has the train wreck factor on her side, but who knows if Kenya's butt is even real. Phaedra recently told In Touch it wasn't:

If you’re gonna sell a video talking about bottoms, you need to have one that’s homegrown. I’ve never been altered by plastic surgery. My butt is really my butt. [Kenya’s] is full of silicone!”

So buyers beware. Only time will tell who will win in the end, but I certainly hope to see the donkey kick the stallion's ass.

Whose booty workout video would you rather do -- Kenya's or Phaedra's?


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