‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Now Wants to Marry Ex-Boyfriend Gary Head

jenelle evansI'm starting to wonder if Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is aware of what the word "marriage" means. I have a feeling she thinks it's synonymous with "hanging out" or "getting to know one another" because the troubled MTV-lebrity just tweeted that she wishes she had married Gary Head instead of Courtland Rogers. She wants to be Gary's wife now, you see, since she's free from her marriage to Courtland, which ended in an alleged fake miscarriage and divorce after four blissful weeks.

Jenelle wrote:


Man gary I wish I never married this POS [Courtland] so we could of just went and got married so I would be GARY'S wife.

For the record, she tweeted that at Gary and Courtland. And for the other record, Jenelle had Gary arrested on assault charges last year and accused him of stealing, as well. Needless to say, this isn't a match made in heaven, or even purgatory, for that matter.

The last thing Jenelle needs right now is another relationship, or, as she likes to do things, another marriage. Becoming someone's spouse is a big deal, but she and fellow cast member Leah Messer-Calvert seem to think that getting engaged and married is just as haphazard a decision as whether or not you want cheese on that.

This tweet of Jenelle's is just further evidence that she's very unstable right now. Rushing from one relationship to the next is one thing, but marriage hopping takes it to a whole new level.

I hope for her sake that she's afforded some time to think clearly before becoming a wife for the second time in six months, but "thinking", as it were, has never been Jenelle's strong suit.

Part of me hopes that she's some genius media manipulator just trying to get as many headlines as possible for some goal unbeknownst to us lowly bloggers, but most of me thinks she's a reckless mess in need of more help than even Dr. Drew could offer.

Because if she and Gary get married this year ... I mean, disaster.

Do you think Jenelle should marry Gary Head?


Photo via j evans8209/Instagram

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