'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Kailyn's Restraining Order Against Jo Is Really Unfair

Teen Mom 2The girls of Teen Mom 2 move fast. That's a fact. And season 4 is only in its second episode, but it has already jumped light years from season 3. 

First we have Leah and Jeremy. They have decided to "take things slow" (is anyone else laughing at this?), and she is back on birth control and they are talking. But the ever looming specter of Corey hangs over their relationship constantly, and naturally she is still deciding between them. Sigh.

Meanwhile, Aubrey is doing well in daycare and Chelsea is moving forward in school. But two steps forward, two steps back. She spent most of the episode stressed over potentially being pregnant with Adam's baby. Birth control, people. Look into it. It's a great thing. I swear if sexual education had a goal setting component, girls like Leach and Chelsea would make different choices. Of course, the drama award of the evening didn't go to Leah or Chelsea.


Our constant hero of the drama is Jenelle Evans, and as usual, she brought it. Her boyfriend Gary slept with her old roommate Tori and the two of them broke up. But not before she could stress over Kieffer and who she liked better. Classic line (I am paraphrasing): I am still with you even though he got out of jail so I must like you!

Seriously, Jenelle, come on. Do you even hear yourself? We all know the drama doesn't stop here, too. Jenelle's drama is almost never ending and we can expect season 4 to be full of it.

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Her biggest issues seem to be the way she overreacts and changes her mind and isn't honest about her feelings. Judging from the way she cried when he left, she didn't really want him to leave. So here is an idea, Jenelle: Instead of throwing all his stuff around and telling him you want him to leave and you hate him, how about you actually attempt to put on your big girl pants and have a discussion with him? How about you tell him what you REALLY want and attempt some vulnerability?

Of course, Jenelle isn't the only one struggling with intimacy issues and being honest in relationships. Kailyn filed a restraining order against Jo two weeks ago, which meant he wasn't allowed to see his son for two whole weeks. TWO WHOLE WEEKS. Is Jo really THAT bad?

Their fight was off-camera, so I can't pretend to know what went down, and I like Kailyn. But it does seem unfair that she can file some paperwork that keeps a little boy away from his dad indefinitely. How is that a fair system? I get that it's in place to protect women and children, but I also get that it would and probably has been used to manipulate custody cases and gain the upper hand. It just seems wrong.

And it looks like the drama only continues next week ... What did you think of tonight's episode?


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