It Might Be Best When We Are Completely Opposite of Our Parents

In this episode of Girls called "Video Games", there were quite a few statements being made by Hannah, Jessa, Jessa's dad played by Ben Mendelsohn, and his quirky wife Petula, played by Rosanna Arquette. I'm not sure if all of these statements are 100 percent true, but they are worth pondering.

We were told: "Camry drivers are cunts" and a whole lot of garlic shoved into your vagina cures a UTI. Also, posing for Penthouse is one of the most noble things a woman can do along with a "rabbit a day keeps the doctor away." In watching this episode, I can only surely come to the conclusion that Hannah is screwed up when it comes to having sex and it might be best when we are completely opposite of our parents. And no one should ever do whip-its while driving.


What really struck me, with Hannah, is how at the end she's on the phone with her parents thanking them for always being there, for loving her, and for supporting her. It's a heartfelt moment ... even though she's doing this while peeing and wincing because of her raging UTI. Yes, her sexcapade was disturbing because she only had sex with Frank because she thought that's what Jessa wanted her to do. I have no idea why she would let anything near her vagina when she has a urinary tract infection. But she did and she's a mess, but not as much of a mess with family as Jessa. Hannah's mom thinks she's telling her all this lovey dovey thank you stuff because she's playing them, but she isn't. Despite their brand of wacky, this parent/child relationship seems healthier than the one Jessa has with her dad.

Parent/child relationships are very often complicated. But those differences we face might actually be better for us. We don't want to be exactly like our parents -- we have to be our own people. Sure we strive to have their best qualities, just like we want that for our own children, but we also want our kids to be better. Our parents want the same for us. But when it comes to Jessa and why she's emulating her father's worst traits ... that's worrisome.

When she's on the swings talking to her dad she reveals to him that she's taken a lot of shit from guys because he -- her dad -- never taught her anything else. He's had a history of not taking her calls, not standing up for her, not being there when she needs him. He then tells her that he can't rely on her and she says with tears in her eyes that he shouldn't have to, "I'm the child. I'm the child."

So vulnerable and heartbreaking. It seems she gets through to him and I start to think that maybe things will change for Jessa -- this is the turning point. But then she abandons Hannah with a "see you around" note out there in the country suffering from a UTI and a sexcapade gone wrong. That's when Hannah calls her parents.

I wanted Jessa to learn what not to do from her dad, not his thoughts on Camry drivers. She's picked up the wrong things from him. And she inflicts the same pain he has given her over the years on her friend. Sad.

What did you think of this episode? Do you think we often pick up the "bad" qualities of our parents, even when they cause us pain? Do you think it's better to have a relationship like Hannah and her parents because they are so different?


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