'Bachelor' Sean Lowe on 'DWTS'? Let’s Hope His Moves Are Smoother on the Dance Floor


Sean LoweIf you're super-sad that this season of The Bachelor is almost over, don't get too bent out of shape just yet. According to a new report, Sean Lowe will appear on Season 16 of Dancing With the Stars and continue to grace us with his rock-hard abs.

Yep. Supposedly ABC was all about signing him up for the gig after seeing him dance with crazy Tierra LiCausi in St. Croix. (Huh. At least she was good for somethin'.)

Rumors about Sean being part of the DWTS cast have been floating around for a few weeks, and when I first heard them, I laughed and thought, "Oh, hell no."

But after the way his season of The Bachelor has gone, I'm starting to think moving him from the mansion to the ballroom might not be such a bad idea after all.


Because even though he's such a decent, genuinely nice guy -- he really doesn't have a whole lot of game when it comes to romancing the ladies. And I'm thinking maybe by trying his luck on DWTS, we'll get to see whether or not Sean has any moves at all.

You know what they say about a dude who knows how to dance, right? Let me jog your memory. If a guy can move on the dance floor, he's probably fairly decent at doing the horizontal limbo too. And in turn, if he can't dance, then odds are good that he can't (ahem) perform either.

Since Sean had to go ahead and put a damper on the romance with his little "born-again virgin" thing, it would at least be nice to see him move and shake in some way. (I mean, at least give us a small piece of drool-worthy material to go along with your hot bod, Sean.)

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If this report is true and Sean has signed on for DWTS, however, it'll be interesting to see what happens if his ex, Emily Maynard, also lands herself a spot on the cast list. Hopefully there are no hard feelings between them; otherwise, things could get kind of tense behind the scenes.

Do you think Sean is a good fit for DWTS?


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