'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Has No Clothing Thanks to Her Husband

Jenelle EvansTeen Mom Jenelle Evans has a lot to learn about men, life, and raising babies. There is no doubt that the woman, now in her early 20s, still has a long way to go before she is completely good to be on her own. Her latest "marriage" to Courtland Rogers has become such a mess in such a short amount of time, it's almost stunning.

The latest in this saga is that Jenelle is accusing Courtland of pawning her possessions, namely her Ugg boots and other articles of clothing. Come ON. Enough already.

On top of the fact that Courtland sounds like horrible, horrible news (they were married like five minutes before drama galore), there is also the little issue of Jenelle's child and her whole mess of a life. I feel uncomfortable watching it unfold. It feels wrong and voyeuristic to even be talking about this poor woman. She is clearly so troubled. But, actually, I would bet SHE is more normal than Maci.


Becoming a teen mother in itself is a cry for help. It doesn't mean that no one can make it work. Tons of teen mothers make it every single day. They finish college, they get good jobs, they support their families.

But it isn't really a good thing. I don't care how many times you say, "but I made it," the reality is, having a child at 16 or 17 isn't ideal. It isn't healthy. And it will cause extra pain.

It's also not something girls who are doing well do. In other words, a lot of the time, becoming a teen mom at all is symptomatic of a larger issue. So probably a lot more girls have outcomes like Jenelle's than Maci's. Were it not for Jenelle's mom, I shudder to think of where Jace might be.

Because, seriously, what WOULD happen to him?

Jenelle needs to get her act together. I am sure that there are teen mothers who pull it off. Look at Maci or Chelsea or Farrah. But there are also a whole bunch of others who turn out like Amber and Jenelle, and my guess is there are more of the latter kind.

It's sad and it's the reason young motherhood isn't usually the best idea.

Do you think Jenelle and her turmoil are the norm?


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