'Bachelor' Finalist Rejects Sean Lowe's Fantasy Suite Invite -- What Is She Thinking?!

Sean Lowe AshLee Frazier

Monday night's episode of The Bachelor is definitely the most anticipated night of the season (other than the finale), you know, because we'll get to see if Sean Lowe goes to the fantasy suites with any of the remaining three ladies.

Yes, he's a born-again virgin. And yes, he's a gentleman and doesn't want to pressure any of the girls into crossing any boundaries. But he's also a dude, so odds are good he'll want to go to the fantasy suite even if a full-blown hookup doesn't go down.

But based on a new spoiler, it sounds like there is one woman in particular who Sean won't be getting remotely down and dirty with behind closed doors.


Get this one -- supposedly AshLee Frazier rejects Sean's invitation to stay as a couple in the fantasy suite by "drawing a moral line in the sand."

Ouch. Something tells me being turned down stings a little more when the girl you're propositioning knows there's no expectation of having sex.

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OMG. Can you believe she refuses him? Is this a stupid move, or is this a S-T-U-P-I-D move on her part?

Ok, so I get that she respects herself and doesn't want to give Sean (or viewers) the wrong impression -- but this is the last chance she has to spend alone time with Sean before he decides if he wants to send her packing or possibly put a ring on her finger.

I mean, this is Sean we're talking about -- the self-proclaimed born-again virgin. He's, like, the most principled, moral Bachelor in the history of The Bachelor. If he asks you to go to the fantasy suite, you go to the fantasy suite and play Scrabble with him or whatever the hell else he has in mind.

It'll be interesting to see if Catherine and Lindsay take Sean up on his offer, and if they do, something tells me AshLee is going to find herself crying in the limo and wishing she was waking up next to Sean instead.

Do you think saying no to the fantasy suite will seal AshLee's fate?


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