Robert Pattinson's Feelings About Simon Cowell Are ... Surprising

robert pattinsonLet's talk about how we feel when we learn something new and surprising about Robert Pattinson. There's a tingling in our bellies, our hearts beat a little faster, we give a wee gasp and put our hands up to our mouths. It's like finding a pearl right there on the beach! That's how I feel, anyway. (No actually it's not, but I like exaggerating.)

Well here's a new Robert Pattinson trivia gem for you anyway: He's an X Factor fan! Yes, now your RPattz daydreams can include the image of Robert shouting at his telly as he watches X Factor -- at the same exact time you're watching it! OMG, do you have something in common with Robert Pattinson? Eep. Here's what he just said about the show.


He wants judge Cheryl Cole back on the show. If her name sounds unfamiliar, it may be because she was a judge on the UK version of X Factor -- and rumor has it she may be judging the US X Factor. Apparently he misses Cheryl and Simon Cowell:

I would like to see Cheryl back on the UK X Factor. It is never going to be the same now Simon is not there anymore -- but having Cheryl back would be good for the show. It hasn't been the same since the the two of them left -- and if there is a chance to get her back Simon should. In fact, Simon should do both shows.

Well all righty, then! Robert has some feelings about X Factor and Simon Cowell. In fact, he even has a plan for how Simon could cover both shows: Since the US show is midweek and the UK show is on weekends, Simon should do a weekly transatlantic commute. "Come on Simon, you have enough money to charter your own plane." Honey, he has enough money to buy his own plane and hire a pilot.

I just love that Robert cares. You've gotta stand up for something, right? Well, the man is taking a stand! X Factor is no good without Simon and Cheryl. It's not just about his own enjoyment -- Robert is thinking of all UK X Factor fans. I mean, taking this bold stance practically makes him a humanitarian. 

In fact, this gives me a brilliant idea: Maybe RPattz should become a judge on X Factor if he cares so deeply about the show. From my keyboard to God's ears, or something. Robert, you must. For the fans!

Are you surprised to find out Robert Pattinson is an X Factor fan?


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