'DWTS' Season 16 Cast Is Easy to Predict Once You Know the Show's Formula


We only have a few more days to wait before the cast of Dancing With the Stars Season 16 is announced on Good Morning America, and I, for one, can't wait to hear who made the cut!

There have been plenty of rumors flying over who will grace us with their presence on the ballroom floor this time around, though no one has actually been confirmed for the show yet. At this point, it's anyone's game, but if one new casting analysis has any weight to it, we may be able to predict a name or two and wind up guessing correctly.

Bro Jackson points out 6 tiers and 11 key categories within those tiers that past DWTS contestants have fallen into, and the breakdown is actually pretty interesting -- and spot on.


Based on this formula, everyone who is cast fits into some sort of mold producers are looking for. And I thought it would be fun to test out this theory and make a few predictions of my own based on the 11 categories given.

Here's my wish list for the new DWTS cast.

Elite Athlete -- Tim Tebow (Seriously. He'd be a HUGE hit.)

Nostalgic Icon -- Shirley Jones (She's Mama Partridge, for crying out loud. Doesn't get much more nostalgic than that.)

Beautiful People -- Kate Upton (Duh.)

Pop Star -- Lance Bass (N'SYNC forever, baby.)

Wild Cards -- Mama June, Honey Boo Boo's mom (Because why not?)

Comedian/Goofball -- Jerry Seinfeld (I'd love to see him in a puffy shirt again.)

Delightful C-Lister -- Vanessa Lachey (Pretty. Bubbly. And a new mom.)

Reality Star -- Emily Maynard (Everyone loves Emily!)

People We Hate -- Tierra LiCausi (The ultimate Bachelor bad gal.)

Disney Star -- Demi Lovato (People will root for her, especially since she was in rehab.)

Physically Challenged -- Sarah Herron, the girl with one arm on The Bachelor. (Sean Lowe may have rejected her, but America wants more.)

Who are your picks based on these categories?


Image via ABC

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